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Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Online advertising campaigns

Marketing online

Online advertising campaigns

At Andreoli Estudio we work with companies to create online advertising campaigns (commonly called SEM and Social Ads campaigns) to get sales opportunities (leads), sales or to position the brand by doing what is called Branding.

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    “Mr Wolf we have a problem, we need clients, we need to sell!” No problem! We are your online advertising agency to create your online advertising campaigns. Your only concern will be selling.

    We create your Online Advertising campaign

    Our disciplines range from web page design and online stores, to the development of a complete online advertising campaign.

    We will be your online marketing agency in Valencia. Or at least we would like to very, very much.

    Here we are

    You will not talk to a switchboard, come and visit us at our offices in Valencia (Plaza de Tetuán area) and we will talk about your project over a good cup of coffee.

    Before you continue reading, you have to understand that getting your business to work with online campaigns implies a fixed monthly cost just as if it were another employee.

    Marketing online

    Case studies

    Too much blah blah about how well we do it and that our customers are happy, but maybe you don’t trust us yet and you need to see real things.
    Here you will find some case studies: some cases where we’ll explain the phases of the creation of branding, packaging and strategy.

    ¿Qué necesita tu empresa?


    You then need an online marketing strategy and an online marketing campaign to achieve your goal. A lead is a contact (phone or email) that your company will subsequently try to transform into a sale. Some examples could be companies that sell services (an beauty center, an architecture studio, a company for the sale and installation of solar panels, etc.) in a B2C way (Business to the consumer) or companies that sell in a B2B way (Distributors, etc.).


    On the ground level we will always have an online marketing strategy and an online marketing campaign to achieve your goals. When we talk about selling instead of getting leads, we often refer to an E-commerce, online stores where the final objective is the sale.

    Creating a brand

    Making a brand (branding) is different from selling or generating leads, in this case you need to position your brand. Since you always need to define the course and actions to follow, you will first need strategic planning. Come have a coffee and we’ll spill the beans.

    One thing is to get leads, another is to sell and yet another is to create a brand. If what you need is a professional, effective and simple web page or landing page, we will develop it for you.

    However, speaking clearly as we’ve been so far, a web page or a landing by itself is not very useful. You need your target to recognise it.

    That is why we will ask you what you want and what you need. Get leads, create a brand or sell? Or create a brand, get leads or sell?

    How we work

    Know more

    When contacting us we’ll give a prior appointment in our studio in the center of Valencia or in your premises.

    We’ll take note of your requirements and over a good coffee —we have already told you that we have an Italian— we will discuss the most viable options, respecting your challenges and trying to fit in with the available budget (have to talk numbers).

    In a very short time we will send you a budget estimate. And back to the meetings: timing, phases and arrangements. The delivery of the project will be followed by a phase of monitoring and tutorial and, hopefully, success.

    If what you are looking for is an advertising campaign for your online business to work, contact us and we will introduce ourselves.

    Hi, I’m Andreoli Studio. Can I get your phone number?



    A meeting is essential to start developing an online advertising campaign. We’ll set up your requirements. We can come to your premises, or you can come to ours. We are in the centre of Valencia.



    We’ll see how to adjust it to your budget.


    We will draft a proposal together with your marketing department to define specific objectives, modalities and timing.


    We will work on the development and maintenance of the campaigns month after month, for as long as you need.


    Every month we will hand you over a report with the results achieved.

    Si lo que buscas es una campaña de publicidad online para conseguir objetivos de venta o de branding, ponte en contacto con nosotros.

    Estaremos encantados de explicarte nuestra propuesta.

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy


    Not only do we do branding, online marketing and campaigns, SEOwebsite design, and online stores, but we also share our knowledge through workshops and tutor others.

    Our academy, our Monster Academy, is created to equip employees, the curious and the creative ones that want to start working in the digital world.

    Oh, and by the way, we also have special trainings for companies to train managers and executives… and, of course, then they no longer need us.