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SEO positioning

SEO positioning

SEO positioning

SEO positioning

SEO positioning

SEO positioning

Posicionamiento SEO

SEO Positioning

Everyone wants to appear first in Google search and other search engines.

Are you impatient and want to know the price of the SEO service?

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    En caso de una web: ¿Más de un idioma?
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    We do SEO (search engine optimization) to position your website, so that you can be found, so that you can increase your business.

    And because we like you to be first.

    Positioning of your website

    If you have a company that sells zombie killing kits, for example, we will make sure that when someone types “zombie killing kit in Valencia” you will be the first to appear.

    And yes, that seems easy with that product, but when we talk about selling floors, shoes or wine, things change. To achieve this we use an expert in search engine optimization, SEO. He’ll get it done.

    You might be thinking that if you do SEO, your competitors might, too. Of course, but with time – usually about four months- and a follow-up, it can be achieved.

    Test us.

    We are Here

    You will not talk to a switchboard, come visit us in our offices in Valencia (zona Plaza de Tetuán) and we will talk about your project over a good coffee.

    Our Philosophy

    Know more

    Design is our life, our passion, and even more so is the design of websites in Valencia and the rest of the planet. For a long time (very, very long time) we have been following the evolution of the online world, of websites and online shops.

    We have seen the birth of SEO to position pages and Adwords campaigns. We have seen the world change with the appearance of smartphones, tablets and their logical and subsequent development of applications. And of course, we are convinced that within such a powerful world we must stand out, communicate and interact.

    You have to make an impact. And that’s what we devote our energy to.

    The steps


    Essential to start a SEO positioning strategy. We will define your needs. We’ll come to you, or if you want, you come to us.
    We are in the centre of Valencia.


    We’ll see how to adjust it


    SEO Settings


    We will work on the SEO every month. We’ll have to fight your competitors.

    Monthly Report

    Every month we will give you a report with the achieved results.

    If you are looking for a SEO campaign
    and to appear at the top of Google -or the first- contact us.

    We will be happy to explain our proposal to you.


    We talk about numbers

    We know that numbers are important to your company, that’s why we like to be transparent.

    How much can the positioning of my website cost?

    Another of our strengths is transparency. The costs of positioning vary depending on the sector.

    Although a previous meeting would be necessary to define costs, we can tell you that the SEO positioning of a website comes at a price from 200 € + VAT / month.

    Why does it have such costs?

    The SEO positioning of a website is composed of many elements that are not seen in the final result, but of enormous importance to achieve a professional result:

    Meeting and collection of the briefing.
    Budget presentation.
    Presentation of a strategic proposal.
    Configuration of your website.
    Application of keywords on the web.

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy

    Monster Academy


    Not only do we do branding, SEO, website design, online stores, online marketing campaigns and act as a website design studio, but we also share our knowledge and train people.

    Our academy, our Monster Academy, is designed to train hard-working, restless and creative people who want to start working in the virtual world.

    Oh, and by the way, we also have special trainings for companies to prepare managers and executives. And, of course, these guys no longer need us afterwards.