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Creating the brand from scratch.

Brand manual
Web development

Together with the client, we have defined the new naming and developed the brand from scratch. We have created a brand manual with the necessary adaptations, defined communication guidelines, and created the new website.

Client: Simona Ciafro, Architetto

The team used for this project is composed of:

A Senior Art Director
A webdesigner

Creating a brand from naming to applications is an exciting challenge, especially when it involves encapsulating the identity of an architect engaged in both architecture and interior design. The aim is to convey the essence in a modern and timeless manner, steering clear of banality. We love challenges!




The studio of architect Simona Ciafro in Italy primarily offers architecture and interior design services. The challenge was to convey her vision without emphasizing the architect’s name. We quickly realized that playing with the word ‘architect’ was not viable, given the subsequent repetition of ‘architecture,’ and the addition of ‘interior design.’ There were too many players for a conventional approach, so we decided to focus on the initials (s+c), accompanied by her field and, when necessary, by the two main services: architecture and interior design.

We also took charge of defining the communication for outdoor media.

Of course, we defined a comprehensive corporate brand manual.

We sought an elegant and minimalist solution for the business card, a crucial element in the sector when it comes to presentation. Our motto is: There’s no second chance to make the first impression.

We also created a minimalist printed and digital catalog to showcase the completed projects.

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