The challenge was to create a brand from scratch, define the strategy, build the entire brand environment, conduct photo sessions/spots, and achieve a turnover of €70,000 in 3 months for the summer campaign.

To achieve this, the client granted us decision-making autonomy, and with a discreet initial budget, we were able to create:

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Brand applications
  • Photo sessions
  • Video sessions
  • Copywriting
  • Press releases
  • E-commerce
  • Pilot campaign and final sales campaign

Client: Nörd Republic

The team used for this project is composed of:

A planner
A Creative Director
A Senior Art Director
A web designer
A Senior Developer
A photographer
A videomaker
An SEO expert
An SEM expert

The biggest challenge was creating a brand from scratch and achieving astounding revenue during the first summer campaign.




For Nörd, we created the brand from scratch, defining the entire corporate image environment and all necessary brand applications.

Of course, we developed the packaging for the products (Barefoot sandals) and fashion/sportswear garments.

The packaging had to convey the brand’s values of ecology and craftsmanship. That’s why we opted for a minimal style with recycled cardboard product boxes, balanced with labels and flyers that complement the product with high-quality printing and materials.

Another aspect to consider was conveying the sense of a high-value product. That’s why we decided to create replacement cord boxes using a high-quality material that is very soft to the touch, with a peachskin finish.

The key to the good results has been the definition of a solid initial strategic planning that set the values to convey and the storytelling.

Not only sales campaigns but also branding campaigns.

The focal point of activity is a meticulously crafted e-commerce platform, primarily optimized to fulfill its duty: providing clear and efficient navigation.

It is crucial for a brand that is not yet known to gain visibility in media with great authority. That’s why we decided to launch a communication campaing (based on press releases) in conventional media.

Obviously, we conducted social media campaigns targeting a niche audience. The community is small because we have always chosen to prioritize quality over quantity.

We live in a hedonistic world where people go to extremes to take a selfie; the aesthetic factor cannot be overlooked. Without good  photos/videos, the CTR and CTA plummet.

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