Client: Hisense / Agency: Publips-Serviceplan


Publips-Serviceplan contacted us with a challenge which was to transmit the campaign concept called “Big in all” in a microsite. Besided the challenge itself, we were short of time, so it made things more complicated.

Design and developing of a microsite
New technology
Limited time
Location: Valencia


To achieve the goals set by the client, we met up with them and after a coffee started to define the strategy in terms of content and creativity.

We thought of a microsite with a swipe feature to compare the quality of videos with or without Hisense screens. This feature isn’t new in images, but it’s a lot more complex to apply it to videos and frame it intothe non-linear structure of the microsite.

Probably the biggest problem was to achieve a responsive and compatible products with all the main browsers. Eventually, we managed to deliver a perfectly functional product withing the deadline.





The team working on this project:

Senior art director
Senior creative