Armarios Valencia

When the friends from Korbut contacted us to do the rebranding of Armarios Valencia, we immediately understood that this project had potential.

Brand image
Brand applications
Corporate website

Client: Armarios Valencia / In collaboration with Korbut

The client needed a timeless, modern brand that reflected their products, which primarily have a classical line. We opted for a serif typeface with modern nuances, aiming for simplicity and clean forms.

The lines composing the brand had to be geometric and reminiscent of a project drawing. That’s why letters like “o” had to be perfect circles, and “v” a diagonal.

The website had to exude modernity, using subtle animations, vertically positioned text, and powerful images. You can see the result on their official website.

The team used for this project is composed of:

A Senior Art Director
A Senior PHP Developer
A designer

The client needed a timeless yet modern brand and a corporate website to showcase models and projects. We immediately understood that this project had potential.




For Armarios Valencia, we worked on the restyling of the brand, defining the new corporate image environment and all necessary applications.

We sought modern lines but based on a classic typography where elements of the logo (letters) recalled geometric shapes.

Of course, we established a comprehensive corporate brand manual with all the agreed-upon adaptations at the beginning of the project.

Clearly, the design and details were crucial to convey the brand’s distinctive value.

We also delivered material for external communication, press releases, and direct mail.

The website had to showcase the brand’s products in a spectacular way. That’s why we opted for a full-width style with smooth transition effects, fade-ins for blocks, and vertical elements. We also had to be clear, never forgetting that the website is a sales tool, so we always prioritize usability over effects.

We also thought of an agile structure so that the client could update the content independently. The extensive catalog was displayed using galleries and highlights.

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