Turismo App

Client: Turismo App / Agency: Andreoli, Espacio Creativo, Portfolio


Turismo App offers a tourist application for cities and tourism businesses (compatible with tablet and Android/iOS mobiles). Turismo App is a new Start up that needed everything from the scratch – brand design, app layout, development and marketing campaign.

App identity image design
App design and development
SEO campaign and marketing
Location: Valencia


We can’t imagine starting a work without a good chat over some good coffees. So after that, we started working out the strategy in terms of contents and creativity.

Afterwards, we started off immediately, defining the website structure such as where to put this or that item and of course, going ahead with the development.

The client was there to create the multimedia database like images and texts which were later adapted to the website needs going through some creative editing.





The team was made up of:

An accountant manager
A planner
A senior art director
A senior creative
A front-end developer
A back-end developer