Emilio Tortajada

Client: Emilio Tortajada S.L.


The company needed a restyling of their online presence, particularly focusing on how to improve communication and presenting information.

Restyling for Emilio Tortajada portal
New aesthetic patterns
Re-organisation of catalogue
More than 700 product upload


When Rosa called us we didn’t imagine we were dealing with one of the biggest producers of ironwork and locksmith in Europe.

To achieve the goals, we set down around some coffees and started defining the strategy in termos of content and creativity.

The communication with the company was always transparent and smooth which provided us with much freedom creativity wise, and it can be clearly seen in the final result.

We worked on a large portal with more than 700 products organised in categories and filtered by attributes. 





The team working on this project:

Senior Art Director
Senior PHP developer
Two data entry assistants