Corinne Haute Couture by JH

Client: Corinne Haute Couture by JH / Agency: Andreoli


The Josefina Huerta company requested us to create an impressive website with great aesthetics to present the product catalogue of their new brand CorinneHauteCouture which was later going to be listed under their main brand JosefinaHuerta.

Design and structure of the website
 Data entry
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Location: Valencia


To achieve the goals the client challenged us with we met up with them over a coffee and started planning the strategy in terms of both content and creative aspect.

After determining the strategic planning with the client, we started working on the page structure and the development.

Together with the client, we carefully defined content texts and images went through a creative process and design to achieve the end product.



Duration in days


The team working on this project:

Accountant manager
Senior art director
Senior creative
SEO expert